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Artificial Intelligence

Put probability in your favor by using automated work that leverages your organization’s core capabilities.

Knowledge Management

People know things, but your organization needs to share this knowledge quickly to absorb new opportunities via fast project execution and remote work.

Software Development

Scientifically engineered mobile apps and server software built affordably overseas by Computer Science degree holders at a rapid pace due to my 24 hour multi country workflow.

Bobby Romanski


M.S. Applied Computer Science 
M.S. Engineering & Technology Management
M.S. Cybersecurity
B.A. Marketing
Graduate Certificates:
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Strategic Management of Technology

Resume available upon request

Writing Samples

My Commitment to You

I bring computer technology utilized in million dollar budgets, to the world of small businesses, helping them exploit their position in niche markets and accelerate their speed of execution faster than their larger competitors can comprehend. Make use of my computer science and business management background to strategize a plan for leveraging technology in service of the strengths of your organization.

I worked for ten years in a government agency’s Information Technology and Infrastructure department, increasing the scalability of their Information Technology for public transportation via automation of business processes and onsite hands-on execution of engineering plans. We implemented the nation’s first smartphone payment system via a partnership with INIT & Apple, built three public transportation command centers for transporting 100,000 people, constructed the nation’s 2nd public-transit & pedestrian bridge, and constructed multiple government owned buildings.

Let’s build an economy, form a trusted network, and run a stream of wealth through our partners. Take a journey with me to grow your business, see opportunities multiply as they are seized, and aid your countrymen to become more healthy, wealthy, and wise.


Scenario Generator for Safety
Our task was simple. Prevent accidents related to using dangerous equipment. The solution was to follow the rules, the problem being that the rules were vague, but with our help, the rules were solidified and we wrote a software program to generate scenarios where users can practice the rules. Less injuries means longer careers and thus better quality work completed for their customers

Ant Colony Algorithm for Sorting
Sorting big datasets can be a challenging undertaking, and choosing the wrong sorting algorithm can make it an impossible undertaking. I looked at how sorting is done by ants, ant lions, butterflies, fireflies, and wasps to help me write an algorithm that is faster than the commonly used sorting algorithms designed over 40 years ago. The solution was to estimate the scope of the data and assign which algorithms should be used based on given thresholds of the capabilities of the algorithms inspired by insect behaviors. The most important finding was that massive amounts of seemingly unrelated data could be reduced to a small series of interrelated and reasonably accurate datapoints, the best example being how a fly can process an image from its 40 eyes using their microscopic brain.

Medical Diagnosis via Artificial Intelligence
Using medical diagnostic data from hundreds of patience, we were asked to predict which ones were likely to be diagnosed with more serious conditions, as well as find some correlating factors that may cause further medical trouble.

Artificial Intelligence Program to Estimate the Work Hours Required for a Queue of Tasks
Unresolved helpdesk issues were sorted into categories of estimated work hours using a keyword classifier to calculate the probable number of work hours needed for the day.

Video Checkout System
To reserve licensed video content for online viewing, we wrote have a few hundred lines of original Java code within a few days, however being good programmers, the vast majority of the time was spent on planning and architecture. Like a carpenter, measure twice then cut once, and like a programmer, plan your programming twice times ten, then write code twice.

Reported on Hidden Control And Monitoring Mechanisms Embedded in Hard Drives and Computer Monitors Which Can Be Accessed Via Direct Contact With their Circuit Boards
Cybersecurity is a growing field, however there are areas inside every computer that cybersecurity cannot prevent, however we gave recommendations on how to mitigate these types of cyberattacks by sending their perpetrators far overbudget such that they probably would not attempt trying. The recommended solution most of the time was to install the computer hardware behind a locked door so that that it couldn’t be physically analyzed to reveal the secrets stored in its unencrypted hardware, although we applaud that at least the data on the hard drive could be encrypted.

Reported Methods for Bypassing Encryption Keys Embedded In Common Hardware via Direct Contact With their Circuit Boards
If you can see inside a door lock, inserting a key will illustrate how to unlock the door next time. Encrypted computer chips are the same way with electric pulses activating the right set of transistors at the same time. An electron microscope can discover the combination of transistors to activate for accessing into the most secret areas of the hardware, and it is very effective when thousands of chips share the same secret electronic key. To avoid this vulnerability, we can recommend that some of each chip’s security related transistors be manufactured uniquely.

Wrote A Program That Visualizes Technology Development Strategies

Technology roadmaps are a tool to communicate to management the timeline, market climate, and resources needed to develop a technology. Usually these are created manually every few months because the projects they are tracking have high fixed costs and span multiple years. However, I created a program to automate their creation, not because anybody requested it, but because a paper I read said prior attempts to do so were too expensive and proprietary, so I wrote most of the functionality in Python and turned it in to my professor for a class in computer visualization.

Wrote A Disaster Recovery Plan For The IT Department Of A Government Agency
When it comes to security and business continuity, there is ideally no excitement or surprises, and this is because of successful collaboration among many different kinds of people, few of whom are in the same department, and all of whom must work together simultaneously on a tight schedule.

Used Artificial Intelligence to Determine How to Protect Endangered Languages From Extinction
Using a United Nations dataset, I confirmed some factors that kept native languages from becoming endangered, and so putting these factors together in a single sentence reads, “Endangered languages are safer with densely populated agriculturists in homogenous climates with internet access and lower global market interdependence, who are free, healthy, and find satisfaction outside their family.”

Found the Shortest Travel Distances Between Multiple Cities Using the Pathfinding Methods of Ants
We thought that nature can help us improve the ‘travelling salesman problem’ that plagues the computation ability of even our best computers. In our case, we observed the behaviors of ants and added a lot of new rules that ants should follow, for travelling between destinations that have multiple laths,  resulting in around a 17% performance improvement and paving the way for more laboratory trials.